The City of Hollister is exploring policy options for key unresolved policy issues for the General Plan Update. The policy issues were identified through input given at the four General Plan visioning workshops held in Summer 2020 and the three General Plan Advisory Committee meetings held in Fall 2020.  This survey presents a simplified version of the policy options under consideration and should take less than 5 minutes to complete:

Policy Options Survey

If you have more time and want to dig deeper into the policy options, click on the links below to provide feedback on the policy topics of most interest to you.

  1. Parks
  2. New School Funding
  3. Farmland Mitigation
  4. Sensitive Habitats
  5. Heritage Trees
  6. Economic Development
  7. Retail Leakage
  8. Job Creation
  9. Tourism
  10. Industrial Uses
  11. Airport
  12. Cannabis
  13. Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School
  14. Level of Service
  15. Roundabouts
  16. Growth Management
  17. Special Planning Areas
  18. Residential Land Use Designations
  19. Inclusionary Housing
  20. Historic and Cultural Resources
  21. Coordination with Local Tribes
  22. Environmental Justice
  23. Arts and Culture
  24. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  25. Natural Hazards